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Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival ~ A Community Celebration.

The Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival is a unique collection of artistic expressions assembled to create an inclusive celebration of community. The diversity of art is a catalyst for shared experiences as individuals explore culture as artists, audience and as connected members of a global community.

The 2007 Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival celebrates the presentation of innovative theatrical art. Theatre companies from across Canada and around the world will present 300 unique and affordable theatre performances.

Explore the incredible and unforgettable at The Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival, August 2 ~ 11, 2007 in the Broadway area of Saskatoon. All tickets are $10 or less.

How to Fringe

Step One: Get a program. 2007 Fringe Programs are available FREE distributed by The Star Phoenix. Find yours in your morning paper or visit our any of our venues during the event.
Step Two: Buy a Fringe Button. They are only $5. The button is a one-time purchase, so you are good to go for eleven days! Button proceeds help to cover the production costs of the festival.
Step Three: Choose a play. The Fringe Program contains descriptions of every Fringe Festival theatre performance and a master schedule with all the show dates & times. Last minute program changes will be posted at the Fringe Festival Box Office in the Victoria School Portables and at the affected venues.
Step Four: Purchase a Show Ticket. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling 664-2239 or in the Fringe Box Office located in the Victoria School Portables (639 Broadway). Rush tickets can be purchased at the venue one (1) hour before show time, cash only. Please read the show descriptions and suitability PRIOR to purchasing a ticket.
Step Five: Enjoy the Show! All venues are within walking distance of the Fringe Box Office. Please make sure that you arrive at your venue at least a few minutes before the show is scheduled to start.

Fringe Fast Facts

  • The Fringe is artist-driven, and serves as a free market for theatre.
  • The theatre companies retain 100% of their ticket revenues.
  • Revenue from the sale of Fringe Buttons goes towards the production of the Festival.
  • The Saskatoon Fringe annually hosts approximately 50 theatre companies from around the world. This includes over 200 individual performers and company members.
  • The Saskatoon Fringe attracts more than 40,000 people to the outdoor activities on site and approximately 16,000 theatre patrons each year.
  • More than 795, 000 people attend Fringes in North America. The Saskatoon Fringe is part of a touring circuit comprised of more than 25 distinct communities from Nova Scotia to Victoria, and Orlando to Grande Prairie.

Fringe History

  • Back in 1947 the Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama turned away eight young theatre companies because of a lack of space. Not to be deterred, these enterprising companies successfully displayed their work around the periphery or FRINGE of the Edinburgh Festival. The Fringe had begun!
  • Edmonton started the first Canadian Fringe Festival in 1982 -- Edinburgh was first, Australia second, and Canada’s own Edmonton, Alberta was the third Fringe Festival in the WORLD!
  • The first official Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival was in 1990.


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