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The Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival attracts a vibrant & supportive outdoor audience of approximately 40,000 people in addition to the theatre audience of 14,000. All parties interested in engaging the general public during the Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival must obtain a license for their activity from 25th Street Theatre Centre. We do not restirct vendor or busker applications by type of activity or product.


Fringe Food Vendor - SOLD OUT

We will be accepting a limited number of outside (non-Broadway business) food vendors for placement on the Fringe Site. Applicants must submit a copy of a valid food service license to 25th Street Theatre Centre before setting up. Arrangements can be made for access to power and water.

$350.00 Cart Vending License $1350.00 Trailer Vending License

Fringe Street Vending License - SOLD OUT

This location has 10 premium non-food vending spaces (10x10 feet) with 115v power, located in heart of the Fringe Site.

$1,060.00 Single Street Booth $1,800.00 Double Street Booth

International Market Vending License - ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT

This location is an extremely high traffic area with 26 non-food vending spaces (10x10 feet) with 115v power and is located beside the Beverage Garden.

$450.00 Single Market Booth $750.00 Double Market Booth

Vendor withdrawl terms:

Confirmed withdrawl on or before May 31~ 75% refund of fee

Confirmed withdrawl on or before June 30 ~ 50% refund of fee

Confirmed withdrawl on or after July 1~ forfeit of fee


Fringe Professional Circle Busking License (limit of 20)

Circle Busking performers will be adjudicated by our staff and performers new to Saskatoon must provide supporting materials for evaluation on or before July 16th. Space will be filled on a first come first serve basis after we determine acceptability and quality of the performance art for our prime outdoor performance locations.
$75.00 ($55.00 on or before June 15, 2007)

Fringe Performance Busking License (limit 75)

Street Performance Busking is deemed to be any type of artistic performance for DONATIONS ONLY. Groups may apply for one license.
$75.00 ($55.00 on or before June 15, 2007)

Fringe Independent Artist / Craft Vending License (limit 75)

Independent Artist Licenses are for small lots of hand crafted works of art, or on-site created work, that is offered for sale by DONATIONS ONLY. Sold to individuals only.
$95.00 ($75.00 on or before June 15, 2007)

KidsFringe Performance Busking & Independent Artist Licenses (limit 30)

Children only, age 12 and under. Guidelines and restrictions apply from applicable descriptions above. Adult supervision required at all times. It is recommended KidsFringe participants cease their activities at 9pm.
$25.00 ($20.00 on or before June 15, 2007)

Busker Withdrawl terms:

All Busker Licenses are non-refundable.

Vendors and Buskers will be required to sign a contract agreeing to our rules and regulations and Buskers will be required to obtain their Fringe Photo ID upon arrival at the Fringe site. All prices include GST.

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