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“Bring Your Own Venue” Policy

BYOVs began with the artists’ need to produce a play that could not be fully realized within the constraints of a normal Fringe indoor venue. BYOV productions are required to provide all of the technical aspects of their production while the Fringe provides box-office service and general publicity. Any company can apply for a BYOV slot.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis with preference given to unique/site specific proposals and final Fringe approval. Obtaining approval from the owner of potential BYOV locations is of the utmost importance and should be secured/or in talks to secure upon applying to this category. Applications will begin to be accepted immediately. Each application must be accompanied with a detailed project proposal and a proposed venue location. We will begin confirming BYOV proposals in February if the Fringe feels that the application has met all the necessary criteria. The final deadline to submit a BYOV proposal is March 31, 2007.


  • Processing fee of $15.00 in addition to the Fringe Application Fee of $609.50 apply.
  • We will accept up to six BYOV companies with priority given to site specific or environmental works.
  • In order to ensure that the location/venue is suitable for the BYOV category we ask that you first contact the Fringe Producer with your location/venue options before contacting the owner of the location/venue you wish to use.
  • The venue/site must be within the boundaries of the Fringe or must begin and end on the Festival site.
  • A BYOV can be created in any venue but preference will be given to unique locations or site specific proposals that enhance and complement the text/subject/interpretation of the play.
  • You must acquire all the required permits and permissions necessary to mount your performance-ready production in your chosen venue. A copy of these must be forwarded to the Fringe by Tuesday May 30, 2007.
  • Third party liability insurance for the production is provided by the Festival and is included in the BYOV application fee. All other insurance is the responsibility of the company. The Fringe is not responsible for any damages or claims relating to a BYOV production.
  • Unlike indoor participants, BYOV companies provide their own venue, lighting and sound equipment, technical staff, audience seating and safety arrangements.
  • Fringe staff must be permitted to inspect your venue set-up and will be available for help and advice. The BYOV Company is responsible for ensuring that all fire, safety and permit regulations pertaining to your venue are met.
  • The Festival will provide a BYOV with a program listing, ticket and front of house services, liability insurance, advance ticket box-office and Festival publicity.
  • BYOVs must comply with Festival ticket and latecomer policies
  • The Fringe must be kept up to date on all information regarding the BYOV by the primary contact.


The maximum running time for the BYOV category is 75 minutes.


BYOV participants will be asked to fill out a technical/scheduling form prior to the scheduling process to find out their preferred performance times and/or scheduling restrictions. Each BYOV can receive up to 9 performances to offset venue development costs. You may have a maximum of one performance per day, with one day off. The Fringe will make every effort to offer each BYOV participant a performance schedule that they can work with but this will probably occur only if participants are somewhat flexible in their availability.

BYOVs have more input in their scheduling than indoor participants, however, the Fringe is obliged to schedule all BYOVs fairly and with an eye to Front of House availability. Each BYOV must have a Fringe contracted House Manager.

For those companies who choose to perform outdoors, be advised that rain dates will not be offered. We suggest looking into securing a possible rain location for your piece should you be rained out.


Each Fringe company is expected to provide its own show-specific publicity. The Fringe provides Festival associated publicity and your production is listed in the official Fringe Program and on our website.


  • The Producer will make the final decision on all BYOV applications
  • The final deadline for receipt of BYOV applications is March 31, 2007 or until all available BYOV spaces are assigned. $15.00 non-refundable Processing Fee will be deposited at time of application.
  • All BYOV applicants will have to participate in an interview with the Fringe Producer to confirm that all BYOV application requirements are met. Once a BYOV application has been approved, a BYOV contract will be forwarded to the primary contact.
  • When the contract has been signed and returned to the Festival the Application Fee of $609.50 will be deposited and all withdrawal policies will be applicable.
  • Billeting requests will be accepted.

BYOV Application


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